Our creative mobile app development solutions will give an instant boost to your business by enhancing customer engagement, improving productivity and increasing your client base.

Our custom-built mobile applications connect the users’ smart phone or tablet with the corresponding backend business applications, e-commerce, storage engines, social media and other services in real-time. As an experienced back end business application and website developer, BesTel has the general development expertise required to extend the features/services of our existing applications through convenient mobile apps.

We develop state-of-the-art mobile applications in Apple IOS and Google Android mobile platforms. These native apps can be downloaded from app stores. They make the optimum utilization of the device features such as camera, file system and GPS. They have the potential to be used offline as well.

Besides native apps, BesTel also develops HTML5 apps that are just like normal web applications. These are optimized for handheld devices and tablets, while bypassing the need for different versions for different devices or the need to meet the stringent requirements of app stores.

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